The C.A.R.E Strategy

financial planning grief communication grief literacy widowhood Oct 11, 2021
financial advisor, widows as clients, communication

So if you work with women, you will work with women in transition. With female financial transitions, there is a component of loss and they truly need a trained thinking partner. Whether they are widowed, divorced, retired, have a career change, have an inheritance, things that really alter their life. They need you to be trained and help them through this. 

So I've developed four key pieces of a strong program for women in transition, and I call it the CARE Strategy: Communication, Action, Relationship, and Education.

Communication: What type of grief communication skills, listening skills, body language, questioning strategies are you putting into practice?

Action: What type of caring, empathetic acts and organizational systems do you currently have in place?

Relationships: How well do you know your current female clients and the stage of life and the needs that they are in? 

E: Education. I look at education as empowerment.

Do you have a unique approach for financial literacy skills catered towards women in transition?

You are the expert, You've been trained. You have the experience and the expertise in financial planning. But let's fill the gap and build a  C.A.R.E. Strategy where you can connect with these tools and engage and attract and retain female clients.

This is what I can help you design. Find out more here: Expand Your Business