Empathy Etiquette


100+ Ways to Write a Condolence Card

  • Acknowledge someone's loss as significant
  • Become Grief Literate and know exactly what to say in life‚Äôs most difficult moments
  • Cultivate compassion by giving your time and thought to send a heartfelt note

Learn the Etiquette of Empathy

When someone is grieving, your attention is essential. Learn exactly what to say when someone experiences a death.

You'll also learn what to say when unexpected news like a diagnosis or loss of a job, or a situational loss like a divorce or a breakup occurs.

You'll be confident that you cultivated empathetic condolences, from a place of empathy when it really matters!


I'll guide you through the easy to follow process:

  1. Acknowledge the loss
  2. Say their name
  3. Memory/meaningful quality
  4. Salutation or next step 
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I'm Kathi Balasek

I train financial service professionals and industries in grief literacy and empathy communication to retain, attract and serve grieving clients.  I am a coach, consultant, speaker, university lecturer and widow advocate.  I teach leaders and their team how to improve their grief literacy communication skills to best serve clients experiencing ALL types of loss.

Experiencing the loss of my husband first hand, I learned that the relationship between financial professionals and bereaved clients is pivotal. Combining 25 years of teaching, coaching and personal experience, I created Grief Literate Professional as a tool to help professionals retain, connect and support clients & employees experiencing loss and grief.

We will ALL experience grief and loss. Grief-informed leadership and communication are critical now! Brand compassion, attract and retain clients & employees to build a reputation as a grief inclusive company.