"You Can't Outsource Empathy" - Seth Godin

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Kathi Balasek is an educator, grief literacy communication coach, corporate consultant, university lecturer, speaker, podcast host, and widow advocate. She teaches professionals how to improve their grief literacy communication skills to best serve bereaved clients.

Experiencing the financial uniqueness of widowhood first hand, she learned that the relationship between professionals and bereaved clients is pivotal. Combining her 25 years of teaching, coaching and personal experience, she created Grief Smart Advisor as a tool to help professionals retain, connect and support clients experiencing loss and grief.

She is currently a lecturer at California State University, Chico in the Department of Communication and Education where she trains future teachers and athletic coaches.  She has a passion for motivating leaders to develop communication skills that engage and connect.

We will ALL experience grief and loss. Grief leadership and communication are critical  now! Join me in this cultural conversation.

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Speaking Engagements

In Person or Virtual

Lead and advocate across your industry. Book Kathi as your next conference speaker and/ breakout session leader.  Inspire your company members to become confident and competent in grief literacy communication.  Walk away with key strategies, tools and action steps that retain, attract and support clients through life's most difficult transitions.  Learn how to have vulnerable conversations where trust is born, built and solidified. Inspire and Ignite the most meaningful conversations you will have with clients.  Energy building empathy that compounds compassion for clients, team and your industry.  

Workshop Trainings

In Person or Virtual

Trust solidifying communication skills. Get your team on board to create a grief smart environment that best serves your clients.  Whether you work with clients experiencing widowhood, divorce, retirement, or caregiving, we will curate a training program specifically for your needs and goals.  Learn exactly what to say, ask and do in a variety of scenarios and life transitions.  In person and virtual training opportunities available. You and your team will learn which pro-active steps to take now with grieving clients. From VIP trainings to ongoing training and support.

Grief Smart Course

The Collective

Join the grief smart course collective!  A community of professionals learning and leading clients through life's most difficult transitions.  Monthly mastermind training, coaching Q & A, actionable strategies and collaborative insights. Gain confidence and competence in engaging ALL grieving clients.  Whether you work with clients experiencing widowhood, a health diagnosis, care-giving or divorce, you have the opportunity to lean into these difficult conversations and create impact in their life and yours! Distinction and leadership with clients, team and industry!

How it Works

Schedule a time to discuss your needs

Let's meet and discuss your vision, area of growth and how we can elevate your practice to best serve grieving clients. 

Allow us to create a customized plan

Based on your needs, goals and vision, we can meet and discuss a tailored plan and recommend a course of action.

Let's execute the plan together

Whether you desire corporate training, an employee workshop or event speaking, we will coordinate a timeline and strategic plan toward your goals.

It begins with a conversation

I work with financial industry leaders, firm owners and advisory teams.  I offer on-sight workshop trainings, consulting and event speaking.   Send and email or click the "Contact Kathi" button below so we can be introduced.  From there, we will set an appointment to talk about your goals, vision and growth opportunities.  

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