"We have to teach empathy as we do literacy." - Bill Drayton


Grief Leadership and Communication is Critical Right Now! 

Key Ways to Solidify the Widow - Advisor Relationship

In-person & Online Training Available

Whichever learning experience you choose, we teach you how to connect, engage, and walk with your clients through life's most difficult transition.

Online Course - Launches Summer, 2022
Grief Smart Advisor: Specialize in clients who have lost a spouse 

This course is designed for the advisor who wants to elevate their practice and create a planned approach to engage and support clients experiencing widowhood. 

Discover key strategies to communicate, build the relationship  and improve financial confidence moving forward.   Learn at your own pace through 5 learning modules, videos, worksheets and support materials so that you develop a clear plan, pace and action steps to put in motion for your clients.

P - Preparation (Groundwork)
A - Action (Do)
C - Communication (Say)
E - Engagement (Grow)
R - Relationship (Build)

(Learn at your own pace)

Small Group Course
Grief Smart Advisor

This exclusive small group course is for financial professionals who want to elevate their practice, train their team and become known for championing widow/women clients. 

Transform and tailor your approach with widow/women clients. Get everything in place to serve them.  Be a part of purpose driven advisors who boldly takes action and guide clients through the most difficult transitions of life.

  • Solidify successful widow/advisor relationships
  • Be the trusted advisor with empathy and grief literacy skills
  • Become known for advocating with clients experience widowhood
  • Be the leader that your team needs

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Team Training Sessions

Get your team together to learn collectively how to attract, retain and connect with clients experiencing widowhood.  Develop communication skills,  empathetic actions, rapport based protocols that engage clients who are experiencing loss. 

Shared vision, consistent protocols and clear action steps to champion widows through life's most difficult transition.

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1 on 1  VIP Coaching

This is a 6 session tailored 1 on 1 coaching program for financial advisors who want to retain, attract and support widow clients.  

-Gain confidence in engaging bereaved clients.
-Master your empathetic conversations, questioning strategies and interpersonal skills
-Keys to an effective educational format for women/widows 
-Understand widowhood, trends & financial uniqueness
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Keynote or Workshop

Advocate across your industry and offices. Bring your colleagues together for learning, team training, practice and application. 

Walk away with key action steps that retain, attract and support clients experiencing widowhood. 

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Rachel Donnelly

Owner, Black Dress Consultants

Kathi is a thought leader and innovator for widows, but in a very specific and unknown niche with grief literacy communication for financial advisors. I look to her for her willingness to lean into hard spaces, by challenging the norm and serving as a champion for widows.

Nancy Evans

Co-Owner, BYOB Agency

Kathi is a truly wonderful and genuine person. Her personal and professional experiences have given her an amazing ability to consult others around grief literacy and communicating with empathy. She provides tangible tips and guidance for professionals and teams working with clients who have experienced loss and grief. Many shy away from navigating these waters, so it is truly wonderful to know a person, like Kathi who face it head on with empathy, love and compassion.

Brian King

Senior Vice President, Branch Manager at RBC Wealth Management

Kathi brings tremendous value to our Wealth Management practice. Her own personal experience, story telling ability and kind, caring insight, truly resonates with the clientele that we serve, and our advisors who work with them on a daily basis. Well done Kathi, you bring immediate value to all you touch.

What Questions Do You Have?

We get it - Engaging grieving clients is hard.
Learn the C.A.R.E. Strategy!

How do you know what to say, how to communicate, how to follow up immediately after a death? How do you confidently provide the necessary tools to help your grieving client? How do you remain their trusted advisor and help them safely navigate financial matters? We teach you how to connect, engage  and walk with them through life's most difficult transition.

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Your Guide on How to Communicate Authentically With Someone Who is Grieving.

We have all had moments of loss. What you say is important.


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