Standard Deviations Podcast: Becoming Grief Literate

Sep 20, 2023

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I was recently featured on the Standard Deviations podcast with Dr. Daniel Crosby, Ph.D where I talk about what it means to be grief literate. I also share the personal journey that brought me to develop my grief literacy programs.

If you are considering my Grief Smart Mastermind Collective Groups or my Team Workshops, this podcast is a holistic view of my experience and the principles I teach.

You can schedule a call with me to discuss some options for yourself or your team, so you can offer your clients what most advisors currently don't - an empathetic and compassionate business model.

Tune in to the podcast to hear:

The life journey that brought me to a place where I focused on grief professionally.
Why something as simple as asking a deceased person’s name can be so meaningful to their loved ones.
What does it mean to be "grief literate?"
What is it about the unique combination of loss and money that makes us so reticent to talk about it?
What is "disenfranchised grief" and how can advisors or others avoid falling prey to this phenomena?
How I work with advisors who are a bit hesitant to talk about grief and other intimate topics.
What are some best practices / things to say when talking to someone who is actively grieving?

My next Grief Smart Mastermind Collective Group starts October 18, 2023. Join us before you are caught not knowing what to say to a client experiencing grief.