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Grief Smart Advisor Collective Master Class

Retain, Attract and Support Widow Clients before, during and after loss. 

With baby boomers aging, a sandwich generation acting as caregivers and the average age of widowhood at 59, grief leadership is needed now more than ever. 

When 80% of widows leave their advisor within the first year, confident empathy and grief literacy communication skills are vital to your business, impact and reputation as a professional.

Spring Collective Begins March 27, 2024

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Imagine the Impact 

‚ėĎ Gain CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE in engaging¬†Widow¬†clients before, during and after loss

‚ėϬ†Know EXACTLY what to ask, say and not say. UNDERSTAND¬†the uniqueness of widowhood & the¬†grief journey

‚ėϬ†EMPOWER women and widows in life's most difficult transitions

‚ėĎ Brand Compassion and align your marketing with¬†PURPOSE DRIVEN MESSAGES¬†for the clients you serve

‚ėϬ†Gain GRIEF COMMUNICATION skills that are becoming more IN DEMAND

‚ėϬ†RETAIN, ATTRACT¬†& ENGAGE¬†women clients in ALL life transitions

‚ėϬ†Build a REPUTATION as a GRIEF SMART ADVISOR who champions women

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What's Included?

Small Group Setting: 10 seats per session for advisors who are committed to serving grieving clients 

Guides & Smart Sheets: Clear path to solidify advisor relationships with clents experiencing loss

Tangible Actions: Communications strategies, exercises, mindset, scripting and practical action

Masterclass Lesson: Video lesson resource library/pdf downloads for support

Live Coaching Calls: Live calls with Q&A sessions, feedback and strategy building 

Community: Private collaborative experiences that elevate everyone involved


I'm Ready for 2024 Impact!

You Will Learn How To: 

  • Master your empathetic conversations, questioning strategies and interpersonal skills
  • Understand the data, trends & financial uniqueness of widow clients
  • Develop community and grief resources
  • Practice inclusive vocabulary and unconscious bias awareness
  • Brand compassion throughout all of your marketing messages¬†
  • Learn and apply grief style differences & communication preferences with women and men
  • Develop rapport, relationships and relevance with all current clients
  • Create a¬†pace and system for communicating with clients before, during and after loss
  • Learn effective educational formats, workshops or events for women/widows
  • Advocate for policies that matter to women/widows and their families

What Questions Do You Have?

Distinguish your Practice!

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Get even more details and learn what we will be covering over the course of the 4 week Master Class.

A master class that teaches you exactly how to retain, attract and support widow clients

Today's Clients, are Tomorrow's Widows/Divorced/Caregivers

Build rapport and relationships now with ALL current clients! When 80% of women will be the sole financial decision maker at one point in their lives, the focus must lean towards supporting and engaging this client. Engaging clients going through tough life transitions is challenging. How do you know what to say, how to communicate, how to follow up immediately after a death? How do you confidently provide the necessary tools to help your grieving client? How do you remain their trusted advisor and help them safely navigate financial matters?

Develop a system that champions grieving clients with specific attention to widows and women in transition. Support and attract clients, expand your business, retain intergenerational assets and start leading as a Grief Smart Advisor.

Referrals and Loyalty for a lifetime