5 Proactive Tips for Financial Advisors Working With Women Experiencing Widowhood

communication financial advisor grief communication grief literacy widowhood Dec 14, 2021
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Clients who are experiencing widowhood are women first.

Before you start to see a bereaved client as a widow, remind yourself they are women and women are very relational, conversational and rapport driven. They're looking for advisers who are authentic and understand them.

So take the time and learn about them and their needs. It is an investment worthy of strong returns.

Before you meet with a client who is recently widowed, take some proactive steps:

1) Ask them, where would they like to meet? Often they may feel more comfortable in their own surroundings or a neutral space.
2) Ask her preferred mode of communication.
Does she like a phone call? Do they want a text, an email, a letter?
3)Decide together how often you should meet.
4) Set up the next meeting at the end of the current session.
5) Follow up with a thank you with a summary of your discussion, shared action steps, and when you will be meeting next and finally reassure them that sharing these tasks and pacing their decisions together is a privilege for you to help and support them.

If you would like to learn more, how to be the support that your client needs visit: HERE