What to Say & Write to a Grieving Client

Mini Course with Sample Downloads 

Become confident in knowing "what to say" & "how to say it."  Learn which responses are unsupportive to your clients experiencing grief, loss and/or life transitions. With sample scripts for a variety of scenarios, you can lean in to these difficult conversations.  

*Special Bonus Resources Included
1. How to write condolence cards - Examples Included! Print them out and keep at your desk.
2. Social media etiquette during loss & grief - Exactly what to write other than "sorry for your loss."

Start to brand compassion, get grief literate and learn the communication skills that solidify trust, create loyalty and generate referrals for your lifetime.

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Widowhood is financial!

Kathi Balasek is a Grief Literacy Professional who trains individual financial professionals, as well as large financial corporations, in grief literacy and empathy communication. She is a coach, consultant , speaker, university lecturer and widow advocate. She teaches financial professionals how to improve their grief literacy communication skills to best serve bereaved clients.


Widowhood is financial! Experiencing the loss of her husband first hand, she learned that the relationship between financial professionals and bereaved clients is pivotal. Combining her 25 years of teaching, coaching and personal experience, she created Grief Smart Advisor as a tool to help professionals retain, connect and support clients experiencing loss and grief.


We will ALL experience grief and loss. Grief leadership and communication are critical now! Brand compassion, attract and retain clients and build a reputation as a grief smart company.

Sample Condolence Card Examples to Send to Clients

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