What You Say and Do Matters

dual inheritors financial advisor grief communication Jul 05, 2021
grief communication skills

I want to help support the success for financial advisors, specifically when it comes to widows.

What you say and what you do through this grieving time and transition is pivotal. You can be proactive and set some things up or be reactive and uncomfortable and awkward.

The widowhood market is huge with baby boomers aging, with the average age of widows declining, it's 59 currently.

Many of these widows will be dual inheritors.

Do you want to be successful and attract widows and retain your current widowed clients?

I speak widow. I've been on the other end of the financial advising scenario, and there are pivotal things that I could help you with.

I would love to teach you the skills to gain competence and confidence in grief communication, the type of communication that engages and supports widows now and well into the future.

What do you need? What skills and resources do you need? What do you currently have in place? What is missing?

Let me help you fill in those gaps so that you can grab that part of the market that so desperately needs your expertise.

I would love to set up a time to talk with you about your needs.

Have a beautiful day. Cheers.