What a Widow Looks for in a Financial Advisor

advisors financial advisor grief literacy widows Aug 17, 2021

So today, I want to talk about the research from widows and financial advisors and how to make that connection. Even though this is an understudied area, I found a current study about qualities desired in a financial planner from the widow's perspective. And the five that they showcased from top to bottom, integrity was number one, connecting emotionally was number two, being personal, number three, being an excellent planner, number four, and gender, number five. And gender only being 8% of that pie was really typical because a lot of misconceptions is that we need a female financial advisor working with a widow.

This study says that a very small, small section of widows thought that that mattered. The number one and two things that really mattered to them were your integrity and how to connect with them emotionally. So that is what I'm all about, how to connect emotionally with widow clients, learning grief literacy terms, learning what lands, what to say and what to do. And I would love to help you do that because women widows are a market that really needs your financial expertise. Cheers and have a great week.