The Value in Working with Widows

financial advisor financial services working with widows May 30, 2021
working with widows

So today, I want to talk about Monday's point of view because you are here for more than just the to-do list, the scheduling, the checking things off, and you are here for purpose. So I want us to expand our hearts today and think about what it would be like to work with widows. Because yes, I'm here to help financial planners communicate with widows. I can help them connect financial and grief literacy.

I can help you attract and retain real clients, but my purpose is much bigger than that. I want to do more. On the surface, I'm a corporate coach, but my heart is grounded in purpose to help all widows, present, past, future. I want to write the wrongs. Okay. I have a bigger agenda and I hope you do also. When you show up on a Monday, you have a bigger purpose of why you do what you do.

And currently in 2021, it's $1,580. That is what you are bound to. Anything you make over, you have to pay back a dollar for every $2 you make. So how many of you would work twice as hard for half as much? Being a widow. I was a working widow. I knew right away I have to go back to school. I have to get a better skill. I have to provide better insurance for my family, because I was only given a year with my late husband's company.

So I did that and I went back to school and I started teaching at the university. And the more I worked and my paycheck was above that $1,500 mark. I had to pay back Social Security.

And it wasn't about the money. It was about the suppression and the being controlled. And we want you to move forward as a widow, but we really don't. And so, a money mindset with widows, it goes up and down emotionally.

You can be grateful and guilty all in one sentence. Thankful for the money, but so sad and frustrated and feeling controlled by the money.

So a money mindset and dealing with a widow is very multifaceted, but I encourage you to work with widows because if you put the time and the care to make that connection, don't be surprised if you become a better parent, a better partner, a better community member, basically a better human.

Because the people who helped me in my darkest hour... I was young, became a widow with five children to raise, and people who really truly helped and connected with me and cared about my story, cared about my children, became a part of my family. And that is your opportunity to really create a big difference in this person's life. Now, if you don't have the extra time, don't work with a widow because we need extra time. We need extra care. But if you do, you will become better. You'll think bigger. You'll become more purposeful. And isn't that what life's about?


Have a great Monday.