The Three R's of the Widow-Advisor Relationship

advisors communication grief coach strengthen skills Jan 17, 2022
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“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ’make me feel important'. Never forget this message when working with people.”  Mary Kay Ash

The Three “R’s” - Strengthen the skills needed for partnership with your current women clients.

(Sometimes the solutions are in the questions you ask yourself)


  •  Which mode of communication is her preference?
  •  What ways do you show that you respect her time or schedule?
  •  Are you aware of her current life responsibilities?


  •  How well do you really know your current women clients?
  •  Could you name 3 things about them beyond the financial?
  •  What opportunities currently exist for them to engage with you, other clients and with financial literacy?


  •  Are you asking for their opinion?
  •  Are you listening to understand not fix?
  •  Is the communication one sided or a mutual collaboration? 

If you consistently show respect, develop the relationship and build a strong rapport,l you will have a lifetime of loyalty and a lifetime of ___________________.!

 *Unscramble the letters for your answer:  R F A R S E L R E

 Over 70% of women/widows leave their advisor within the first year after the loss of their spouse. It has everything to do with respect, relationship, and rapport.  Let’s change that statistic together!

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