How to C.A.R.E For Widow Clients

bereaved client financial advisor grief communication grief literacy widowhood Aug 23, 2021
bereaved client, financial education

To all of my financial friends out there, I am on a mission that every one of you, whether you're an advisor, a company supporter, that you have a widow division in place. I believe that it consists of four areas.

If you want to be grief literate with widows, you need communication, action, relationship, empowerment, and it's an acronym for CARE.

We need to go beyond what we do. Why are you doing it? Because you care.

Communication, what you say matters. What you don't say, what you shouldn't say.

Action, what you do in the immediate after the death, after and throughout the year, it truly matters.

Relationship, what type of relationship rapport are you building currently with your female or widowed clients.

Lastly, empower, how are you helping her grow? Not take her, but teach her. Be that decision partner, teach her what you know, and allow her to teach you what she knows.

I guarantee you, you will not be one of the over 70% of widows who leave their financials advisor.

Let's care. Let's get a widow division in place and they will come to you.

Have a beautiful week. Cheers.