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Create a practice that engages and empowers clients experiencing widowhood



These thoughts and responses are completely normal.

No one ever taught us the language of loss!

  • Uncertainty, awkwardness, stress and fear can make us feel ill-equipped to truly help clients.  
  • Over 70% of women experiencing widowhood will leave their current financial advisor within a year of their spouse’s death.
  • Communication is the #1 desired characteristic desired by women experiencing widowhood.
  • You want to make a real impact in the lives of others. It is time. You didn’t find me by accident.
  • I am an experienced educator & widow.  I can guide you to build a platform that aligns, engages and advocates for women and widows!
  • We, together have the power and influence to drive change for women, widowhood and grief communication. Let’s do this!

Grief Smart Advisor - Key Objectives

Careful navigation through sensitive topics is the cornerstone of this course.

You will learn how to:

  • Craft your purpose driven message statement for championing widows
  • Master your empathetic conversations, questioning strategies and interpersonal skills
  • Understand widowhood data, trends & financial uniqueness
  • Practice inclusive vocabulary and unconscious bias awareness
  • Learn and apply grief style differences & communication preferences with women and men
  • Develop rapport, relationships and relevance with all female clients
  • Create a system of managing the paperwork and financial tasks now, soon and later
  • Learn keys to an effective educational format, workshop or event for women/widows 
  • Advocate for policies that matter to widows and their families
  • And more!

Rachel Donnelly

Owner, Black Dress Consultants

Fearless is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Kathi. I’ve been fortunate to know Kathi for the past two years, during which she's become my go-to expert on grief literacy communication skills for professionals. Above all, I continue to be impressed with Kathi’s ability to lean into hard spaces while serving as a relentless champion for widows. On a personal note, whenever I'm having a down day, I turn to Kathi to soak up her positivity and encouragement. If you're looking to better connect with widow clients or become more grief literate, Kathi is the real deal.

Nancy Evans

Co-Owner, BYOB Agency

Kathi is a truly wonderful and genuine person. Her personal and professional experiences have given her an amazing ability to consult others around grief literacy and communicating with empathy. She provides tangible tips and guidance for professionals and teams working with clients who have experienced loss and grief. Many shy away from navigating these waters, so it is truly wonderful to know a person, like Kathi who face it head on with empathy, love and compassion.

Brian King

Senior Vice President, Branch Manager at RBC Wealth Management

Kathi brings tremendous value to our Wealth Management practice. Her own personal experience, story telling ability and kind, caring insight, truly resonates with the clientele that we serve, and our advisors who work with them on a daily basis. Well done Kathi, you bring immediate value to all you touch.

What Questions Do You Have?

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We get it - Engaging grieving clients is hard.
Learn the C.A.R.E. Strategy

How do you know what to say, how to communicate, how to follow up immediately after a death? How do you confidently provide the necessary tools to help your grieving client? How do you remain their trusted advisor and help them safely navigate financial matters? We teach you how to connect, engage  and walk with them through life's most difficult transition.

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Kathi Balasek, MA, is an empathy & grief communication coach, university lecturer, speaker and podcast host who is on a mission to cultivate a grief literate culture by improving the language of loss with clients.  Experiencing widowhood herself, she inspires others to serve this vulnerable yet growing population in an authentic, yet professional way.

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