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Grief Literate Scripts for Financial Professionals

Get Prepared Now to Support Your Clients Experiencing Grief, Loss or Life Transitions

Become confident in knowing "what to say" & "how to say it."  Learn which responses are unsupportive to your clients experiencing grief, loss and/or life transitions. With sample scripts for a variety of scenarios, you can lean in to these difficult conversations.  Start to brand compassion, get grief literate and learn the communication skills that solidify trust, create loyalty and generate referrals for your lifetime.

Course Modules:

What is grief literacy?
An expert introduction to the concept of grief literacy and why it matters, specifically to financial professionals.

Scripts and scenarios
Run through multiple real life scenarios while applying empathy and grief literate responses.  

Disenfranchised grief
Become aware of unconscious bias in grief that may lead to responses that disenfranchise your client's grief.

Plus! 2 Bonus Resources
Bonus #1
How to write empathy cards
Bonus #2 Social media etiquette during grief & loss

Pivotal skill set for financial advisors, estate attorneys, insurance agents, and tax planners!