Leasing Life's Legacy?


“Legacy is not leaving things FOR people, it is leaving things IN people.”     

-Peter Strople


What will be the legacy that you leave?  When people think of you, what will they say about how you lived your life?  Are you testing out or taking the trial offer for leaving a legacy?  Or are you going all in?  When we commit to being the best we can be, we create a legacy that transcends.  

We live in a world where we are testing, renting, and leasing like crazy now more than ever. 

I have rented apartments, cars, books, vacation homes, bikes, Netflix, tools, tables and probably more than I can remember. Many of these items make sense, are convenient and cut down on waste.  It is nice to break away from a hotel and rent someone’s home or cottage.  I have experimented with clothing rental companies to test before I buy.  This seems very normal and progressive, right?

However, are you experiencing a trial in consumption or just becoming afraid of commitment?  Should I buy the car or lease the car?  Should I buy the purse or rent the purse?  Should I buy the book or rent the book?  What have you rented and tested out?


“Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything whether it is a relationship, a business or a hobby.”     

-Neil Strauss


So, I researched all of the things you can rent and I must say it was highly entertaining. You can’t make this shit up.  Here is a compiled list of what I found hilarious and of course my comedic comments:

  1. Island;  If only I was in that tax bracket.
  2. Wedding cake;  Do I get to eat cake?
  3. Tires;  That just seems like a lot of damn work.
  4. Luggage for a trip;  This gives "lost your luggage”, a whole new meaning.
  5. Neighbors garage space; You don’t know what you are going to find.
  6. Chickens, puppies and goats;  I don’t think I could return a puppy.
  7. Person to stand in line for you; Fast pass to extreme laziness.
  8. Friend to hang out with; Yep, I’m a loser.
  9. Mourners at a funeral; Creepy.
  10. Spooner to snuggle with;   Even creepier.


So, what do you rent and what do you buy?  Are your renting habits preventing you from investing and committing to the life you desire?  Are you creating a life and legacy with pass down potential? Or are you accessing the trial offer in your approach to life, relationships, and career?  Trial and error are part of the learning curve, however, if you apply trial offers to the real pillars in life, don’t be surprised if you crash and burn.


“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”

-Zig Ziglar


When we invest and purchase, we risk time and money and open ourselves up to bigger mistakes but the learning is the value.   The school of hard knocks is alive and well today. 

How can you become resilient if you haven’t been knocked down a few times?  True commitment to anything in life is about going all-in for the long game.  We equate money with value and success, but fortunately, that isn’t accurate.  Value and success are as individual as DNA.

If you want growth, advancement, purpose, and prosperity in your life you must commit.  That is the all-in, shoot for the moon concept of playing the long game.

Turn in your short-term lease.  Stop half-assing your life and buy-in!  Life is not a Disneyland fast pass.  Real work, dedication, commitment, and consistency will get you the big “W” in your life.


So, what should I invest in? 

Invest in the following.  And you’re welcome:

  • Yourself:  You appreciate over time
  • Thoughtful Actions:  Impact and influence with others
  • Joy:  playfulness, fun, a spirited path
  • Prosperity - time, money, health or calm benefits
  • Legacy - personal qualities that will live forever




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